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June 15, 2008



Stef, I am sooooo proud of you!!!

What an AWESOME race you had and your race report was nothing short of EXCELLENT. I love how you turned around so many things in your head and came out winning. I'd love for you to post your race report at the Bar with pictures on an upcoming Saturday. And I'm sending you an email so you can begin serving up other great stuff at the Bar too. I was going to do this last week but didn't want to distract you from your A race.

Congrats again on your race!!

Calyx Meredith

Oh Chica - what a BEAUTIFUL race report! You should definitely post it at the Bar! So inspiring! So motivating! I am just giddy for you. Look at what you've achieved! That was not an A race - it was an A+ race. A well-deserved A+. (Although it was not part of the race, Donna and I have been talking about what "seasonal mountain cuisine" could mean. Any post-race report on that fabulous dinner coming our way any time soon?? :D)


Stef, I have tears in my eyes and a big silly grin on my face. You ROCKED this race! Your confidence and excitment are just oozing out in this post.

Huge congratulations to you on a great day!


Oh man, I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes at work. This is an incredible achievement - one that I hope one day I can echo after a race. You sooo deserve this! Big congrats!!!


When I started reading your race report, I sat at my desk and cleared my mind of everything. I SO wanted to focus on devouring every word...

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. I could hear and feel the excitement building as the race moved along. I felt like I was with you on every stroke, every pedal, and every step. This was indeed a breakthrough moment for you. I am SO happy for you.

Bask in the glory of this well deserved achievement!! No one deserves it more than you do!!!


Congratulations Stef!!!!
I love this race report and I am so happy you got enjoyed the race.
Coach is right in pretty much everything she says... The head can be a dangerous thing, we need to get out of our own way and results will happen.
I am SO HAPPY for you!!!!


BAM, girl!! Way to go on a fabulous race!

Your race report is aweome. I felt like I was there. Man, way to kick butt on the bike!! That must have felt great. And a strong swim and run, too :-)

I'm so happy for you :) I hope you are enjoying this accomplishment, because you knocked it out of the park!!

Kate W-J

Way to go Stef!!! You wrote a great race report! Enjoy your big finish and some recovery time. Be proud girly!!



Emeril has nothing on you!

That was an awesome race and the only that could compare was an awesome race report.

Way to go!

I knew you'd rock that course, but I didn't realize how MUCH!

Jennifer Harrison

Stef! Nice job on your HUGE PR and just an all around great day and race! It IS all worth it, eh? Congrats! You should be very proud of yourself! Jen :)


Awesome race report, Stef! You totally rocked it and I loved all the positive thoughts! :)

Congrats again!


Freakin' AWESOME! What a great race. Your swim time was out of this world. All of the hard work you put in certainly paid off in this race. It sounds like you not only had a great race, but had a lot of fun as well, and isn't that the reason we do this?

BTW, you look awesome! No one should look that hot coming out of a muddy lake!

Rock on!


All I can say is WOW! You really rocked it and had an amazing race. Congratulations! Cant wait to see some pictures

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